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  2. "Hey Good Lookin’" - 1982 - Coney Island scene

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    For those living in the Chicago area, I have an exhibition up at the Harold Washington library from now until March. My comic Love Me Forever! Oh! Oh! Oh! was originally published by 2DCloud and then again in The Best American Comics 2013 is now online three years after I made it. There are of course things I would change if I could but here is how it’ll stay, direct from my 23 year old brain. 

    Recently a friend joked that with the summer I just had I could make a sequel to this comic and hardly change a thing. My little brother got married back in June in a barn on a goat farm in Virginia and three months later a friend from High School also got married in a barn on a goat farm in Virginia. I went stag to both. Three years later and marriage still feels like an impossible dream and I’m still not very good at dating. 

    But, then again, if in 2014 I’m brave enough to ask a guy out who just happened to be sitting alone in a park on a Friday afternoon then that is more than enough to prove to me that I’m not that same overwhelmed kid working in a grocery in Chicago. A distinction that can be hard to remember and a distinction that I all too often forget. And definitely one I couldn’t imagine as a 23 year old. 

    (Also, shout out to Marnie Galloway for being my photographer! )

  4. Clive James & Robert Hughes on Sydney Beatniks (1959)”

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  8. Anthony Fandango + Brisbones. Proud Dad right here.

  10. Chris Ott Interview for /mu/chella 2013

    From 30:00 onwards they shoot the shit about the inherent mechanics of the internet and how that affects people and culture and brings up some really fucking interesting ideas. Whether or not you agree being irrelevant.

    Personally what I took away from it, is that some huge monolithic shift is silently going on in music and beyond. Like Chris said, the initiation of being thrown into a scene at a gig and being accused of being a poseur simply doesn’t happen anymore. The structure of finding music has been fundamentally altered since the net’s inception. But the old guard and way of things is finally crumbling and at large being forgotten only in the last 2 years. If that’s for better or worse is a matter of opinion I guess.

    So if you’re like me and are someone who wants to be a part of the wonderful mess that is “entertainment” & “culture” & “planet earth 2014”, I’d highly recommend taking the time to fill your thinkerdoodle up with this and have a chew on it thankyou have a nice day.

  11. In celebration of 1000+ silly buggers Supreme Brisbane Patricians I became meme.

    You all have a laugh and go home to your loved ones at the end of the day but I’m living this nightmare. 

  12. Mikaele Baker’s comment on Idea Channel discussing the Strauss-Howe generational theory & Frozen

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