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    a girl i know that went to school with Tony Abbott’s daughters said one of them got fingered at school with her tampon still in and had to go to hospital to get it out wth

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    I am most proud of this spot I did. I really wanted to try something different this time, and the story was sci-fi 80’s, so I thought “Pulp comics” + “80’s airbrush” + “vomit acrylic colour”.

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    getting your memes from buzzfeed or 9gag isnt mainstream core you gotta get your memes from radio station facebooks

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  10. "Travel is fantastic, as long as you see what you’re looking at it’s wonderful, and not just superficial stuff. A lot of people travel and they don’t see anything"
    — John Simpson

  11. The Minutes with Mel and Patience - Ep 46 - On legalising weed in Brisbane

    1. Patience: I was, very impressed and I just think Brisbane needs to get one, ASAP
    2. Mel: mmhm
    3. P: also, here’s the other interesting thing, Denver is super rich now
    4. M: is it?
    5. P: Denver is making like, billions
    6. P: But that’s never gonna happen in Queensland because we’re like the nanniest of all states in the whole of Australia and it totally sucks. But the first place that makes recreational marijuana, is gonna make so much money.
    7. M: oh my god yeah
    8. P: That’s why I think, Brisbane, let’s just be the first and get all of the first wave money
    9. M: You know who we need to talk to about this? There’s two people. Number one: Sarina Russo
    10. P: Yes.
    11. M: Number two: Stefan
    12. P: Yeah and I think I want to throw in a third: James Tidswell from Violent Soho
    13. M: Oh he’d be a good person too
    14. P: Those three people together
    15. M: If they could talk
    16. P: And then we could start using, Stefan tower… Start using THAT, to, you know, lights on at the Stefan tower, weed’s in town
    17. M: Weed’s in town come and buy some from any local Sarina Rosso outlet or Stefan hairdressing shop
    18. P: Yeah.
    19. M: And get your gummy bear weed

  13. Anonymous said: I think the "conservativeism in modern teens" is more of a maturity thing than a reoccurring trend. When I was in middle school I was a /b/ browsing close minded asshat then when I got to high school and actually learned shit about the real world I pretty much flip flopped all that. I think for the most part it's something teens grow out of as they age. Though some do retain their immaturity more than others.


    I had some pretty ignorant libertarianish ideas when I was young, too. I’m just glad I didn’t have a community to reinforce it, because I every time I’ve ventured to one of those boards I see a bitterness that never used to exist, and I really think a significant percentage of those kids will not escape, and will grow up to be the shitty uncle you don’t want to talk politics with at Thanksgiving.


  14. moot:

    I am a supreme procrastinator.

    I also don’t spend my leisure time wisely. Stick me in front of a computer with an internet connection, and I’ll amaze you with my ability to make time evaporate with little or nothing to show for it.

    Suffice it to say, it really bothers me. As someone who doesn’t…

    Mad props to this colossal faggot.