My land ya dumb dog

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    Flying kites on Highgate Hill


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    believe in the meme that believes in you

  5. Liam Benson - Coat of Arms


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    neopets is honestly a horrifying and disturbing look into the faults of late capitalism and the unfettered exploitation inevitable in unregulated economic systems


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    that wasn’t very authorisedbytheaustraliangovernmentcanberra of you

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  11. ggsharp:

    Having fun animating on Tonk’s Island for Nickelodeon debutante Lady Roach.


    Feast your eyes on these stills from Tonk’s Island! Surprise!

    Animators are: Me, Ivan Dixon, Greg Sharp, Neil Sanders.

    (Amazing) background artist: Charles Huettner

    And helping with the colouring so far is lovely Tina Soggemoen.

    Look at all these lucky so and sos, living their animation dreams. GOSH. Go home team.

  12. happycookieday:

    2014: the year where no image better describes me. I stop appearing in photographs all together. Friends cry, “Why don’t you show your handsome face”
    "A meme template better communicates me than my face or my words can"
    a single solitary tear runs down my face

    see look mum I’m helping people.

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